The smart way to digitize a company



 Level of automation estimation and digital platform. Digital model of a company, enterprise.

Why do I need a digital profile (passport) of enterprise systems?

Изменения уровень автоматизаци
  • Efficient modernization

    • integral characteristic of the state of software and hardware, solutions and technologies in the enterprise.

    • accounting of hidden factors

    • indicator of automation and intellectualization


Оценка уровня автоматизации
Анализ уровня автоматизации
  • Planning and visual growth of indicators for investment projects

  • Mathematized representation of various update strategies.

  • Reduce and optimize costs

  • The possibility of building a digital platform, the formation of tokenization and crypto ecosystem

Our story

Initiation of the project took place in 2009. from the continuation of work for Rosneft on the quantitative calculation of the level of automation.

In 2012, the audit of the Norilsk Nickel plant was completed on the assessment of various factors and risks of upgrading the infrastructure of automation systems.

Since 2015 development and modernization of the project in the direction of building a recommendatory model of modernization of enterprise systems.

The Product idea 

Service for auditing and assessing the level of enterprise automation, software and hardware, software, technology, or factors that are key to you. Getting the result in quantitative form with the prospect of building a digital profile of the company (platform) with current and target indicators and the necessary investment projects. Allows any enterprise to always keep abreast of its IT infrastructure, ERP, ACS, APCS. Operatively simulate the state of capacity, predict and virtually complement technology.


Remote data collection.

Interaction and filling of calculation forms. For IT systems, data centers, telecommunications, automated control systems, industrial process control systems.

We create a method, we formalize the data - we digitize the systems and technologies used.

Automated tools for the representation of integral indicators.


Development of a project on a smart contract, blockchain solution.


Better to check, than to trust



How it works

Оценка уровня автоматизации
Анализ уровня автоматизации


We create questionnaires based on your structure.
According to the method developed together with you we will convert them into calculate sheets. We get automated tools for the digital profile (passport) of these problems.

We aggregate indicators and various hidden factors.


You get an idea of the key indications of the company's system parameters agreed with you.

Intermediate and integral indicators of your structure.

Analytics for development.
Digital presentation of investment projects.

Where are you, where do you want and how much does it cost? All in digital form

Изменения уровень автоматизаци
Цифровая платформа
Аудит уровень автоатизации


The path to the company's digital platform.

Indicators can be tied to the digital representation of the IT structure to justify the tokenization of assets.

To be the market valuation of your digital asset - cryptoactive.

Automated implementation of modernization through smart contracts corresponds to the robotic development of infrastructure.


Digital profile (passport) - the digital matrix of a company is a key element in presenting its characteristics.

The focus of the software and hardware environment on more intelligent decision-making based on agent-based information collection and processing is being realized.

A robot enterprise is a self-adaptation of the technological, informational environment, as the basis of flexible means of production, technology and a variable information state using AI.




Оценка уровня автоматизации
Анализ уровня автоматизации
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